Zulay Kitchen High Powered Milk Frother Foam Maker - Sky Blue

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Zulay Kitchen
Price: $19.99
By Zulay Kitchen
Manufacturer :
Zulay Kitchen

Treat yourself with a made-at-home latte or cappuccino any morning right in your own kitchen. Save the drive to the coffee shop and get your perfect foamy coffee in the comfort of your own home. Surprise guests or your spouse with your newly found barista skills.


We coffee lovers are serious when it comes to our coffee. The Milk Boss Milk Frother gives that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate. Make delicious foamy milk froth for your drinks at home without a trip to the coffee shop. The benefits of having your own handheld electric frother are endless - save time and money by making drinks at home, take your electric milk frother with you wherever you go, and countless milk frother uses!

Customers say our handheld milk frother works better than a manual matcha whisk for making matcha tea and works far better than a fork or whisk for keto bulletproof coffee. Our milk frother works very well to mix nutritious protein powder drinks, so you don't have to use a blender. Aerate eggs with our electric forther for the smoothest omelets and scrambled eggs you have ever had. Give healthy shakes and smoothies a kick by adding whey powder or flavored extracts.

Beautiful and Smooth, Rich Coffee
While we cannot always achieve our #PinterestGoals, you can get pretty darn close if you have the right tools. The Milk Boss Milk Frother packs a powerful punch that can turn ordinary milk into foamy perfection, even enough for latte art. It can also work to mix your bulletproof coffee with butter, MCT oil, or other keto drink mixes.

Easy Battery-Operated Function That Doesn't Hurt Your Wallet
The Zulay MilkBoss was designed with all of your needs in mind. It operates quietly on batteries and stores easily anywhere in your kitchen. Its long-lasting motor is also built with budget in mind - you can have the wonderful convenience of this luxury frother without the luxury cost. With our wide color selection, our milk frothers look great in any kitchen!

Froth Milk and So Much More
You can mix hot chocolate, matcha tea, bulletproof coffee, protein powders, chai tea, egg whites, and more! This milk frother mixes any type of milk including soy, almond, coconut milk and creamers.

The Whisk Cleans in Seconds
Simply turn on the frother while under water or inside a glass of hot water to clean. The ergonomic smooth base is not meant to be immersed in water, so keep the cleaning to the whisk.

Perfect Companion to Our Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher
At Zulay Kitchen we focus on product quality and you can count on us to bring you products that we use ourselves in our own kitchens. Our Frothing Pitcher is a great next move to take your milk frothing skills to the next level.

Manufacturer :
Zulay Kitchen
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Manufacturer :
Zulay Kitchen